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Unveiling the artistic journey - Karen Scudder's design process

Karen Scudder is a Medway-based artist who has created our 'You are here' artwork for this year's festival. We asked Karen some questions about the design process.

A blue line drawn illustration of a woman drawing
Self portrait of the artist

What was your design process?

I started off using a Gelli plate to print the Earth (getting messy is always an important part of the process). I then had a play digitally to change colours and add type and features. 

Do you work on an ipad or use hand-drawn techniques?

A bit of both. 

A world with a face and arms, and the words 'you are here'
YOU are here - for our younger readers and writers!

What aspects of your work and/or life have you changed in order to be more sustainable / in response to the Climate Crisis?

I have a job that I walk to. I also walk wherever I can. As a family we only use our car for long distances. I always recycle everything that I can, plus I also buy more of my clothing second hand than I have before. 

What is your art background?

I have a fashion design degree from Kingston and had my degree collection work displayed like artwork in a shop that used to be in Soho called the Pineal Eye. But after lots of different work experience gained within the fashion industry. I  eventually found myself working for a textile company as an Account Manager However this really wasn't very creative! It was when I had my children that I got back into my main love which is drawing. Now I am building up my work in illustration which I absolutely love.

A book with a world and an arrow pointing to Medway which says 'You are here'
'YOU are here' book logo design

What are you working on right now?

I work as an Art Technician 

Karen has made us several versions of the 'You are here' world, for use on different platforms, including our festival book design.

We also have a child-friendly version, for the events we'll be arranging which are aimed at our younger readers and writers!

See more of Karen's work:

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