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Environmental Policy

A Statement:

It ought to be apparent to any arts organisation that a global climate emergency is a reality. Wordsmithery/Medway River Lit are making plans to address that locally in any way possible. We are small but we must do what we can.

We are in the majority of our projects publicly funded and we have a responsibility to take action. We live within a capitalist system that has brought the planet to the brink of disaster. While we have to engage with that system we are not of it. We can visualise other ways.

We think that art has the potential to help make change.

We will use our programme to model change and to tell stories that respond to the world we’re living in in this moment.

We do not know everything and there is learning to do. We will work within our values. We will take joy from the mischief of stories well told. Though there are warnings to heed, this is a celebration not a wake.

In all that we do we promise to care about its impact and change our practices when we have been wrong and do better next time.

After all, We Are Here, and we need to help look after that.

Recycling Bin

Our Environmental and Sustainability Pledges

Live Performance

  • When presenting an international artist we will only choose from those already touring the UK, or explore online options.

  • We will create a sustainability checklist which will have a bearing on the venues with work with. This will be a short document with a friendly tone that outlines what we’re doing and what we expect from a collaboration.

  • We’ll work with our networks/partners in Medway to explore how we might work together to share existing resources (e.g. recycling sets and borrowing equipment).

  • We will commit to presenting and developing work that explores the climate crisis as part of our programme.

  • We will talk to our audiences and we will learn from what they want.



  • Fundraising: We will only allow sponsorship and/or take funding from bodies that align with our own environmental standards as set out elsewhere in this document.

  • Banking: We will continue to bank with ethical providers. 



  • Local/UK: We will eliminate unnecessary meetings with people from around the country by using online methods.

  • Where practical in the local area we will meet with people in person using public transport or on foot.

  • We will support events put on by local creators and makers who align with the values set out here.

  • If we can get there by train within 12 hours then we will travel by train.

  • International: When we bring nationally and internationally renowned artists to Medway, we will fund and encourage them to use public transport except where their personal needs require them to drive or be driven.



  • Paper & Print: We recognise that we are in a paper based genre. The materials we use will always be recycled unbleached stock. Anything we have to dispose of will also be recyclable.

  • Our publicity materials will be print on demand to cut down on waste.

  • We use bookmarks with high production values rather than fliers as people are more likely to keep them than throw them away.

  • We will not use gloss finishes, glitter, or any other materials that cannot be recycled.

  • We will make promotional materials and created works available as pdf copies whenever possible

  • We will use recycled materials in workshops and promote such values in those workshops.

  • Surplus books and magazines will be donated to libraries or given to charities.

  • Confluence Magazine will be available on demand through short print runs.

  • Energy & Data: We will store large files and archive on hard disks or offline.

  • We will switch off electrical equipment when not in use.

  • We will research energy efficient products when buying new kit.

  • Environmental waste: We will reuse and recycle office supplies (e.g. printer cartridges).

  • Where possible we will purchase second hand equipment.

  • We will reduce single-use plastic usage.

  • Where we buy cleaning materials we will buy environmentally friendly products.

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