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Medway River Lit in comments

Here are just some of the comments we received about the festival!

“Thank you so much, this was wonderful. Please don’t leave it another 25 years.”

Wordsmithery have done wonderful things for Medway but this festival far outstrips anything else.”

“This has been an astounding week, truly, every aspect of the spoken and occasionally sung word covered. What a boon to the Medway.”

"Great event! Drawing a line from the last Medway Lit Festival to the latest was a fantastic way to end the festival. Really hoping we won't have to wait a year till the next one!"

Chatham Library packed with audience at the Launch
The Launch at Chatham Library

"Among the very many great things about the Medway River Lit Festival has been both the quality and variety of events. For example, each of the three poetry evenings I attended were very different in terms of style and tone but the common factor was the brilliance of the poets themselves. The festival provided me the opportunity to indulge my current interests and to explore new ones – it was a real treat to be introduced to the world of graphic novels by such talented creators – and the workshops I attended were incredibly welcoming, inclusive and encouraging. In all I have attended over a dozen of them and have always left feeling inspired or entertained or thought-provoked, and often all the above.

I’ve also enjoyed the variety of locations that Medway River lit has used and that it brought events to each of the towns in Medway as this added to very inclusive nature of the festival.

Finally, I really like the balance the festival has struck between bringing first-class creators and performers to Medway and showcasing its home-grown talent. Making this an annual festival and giving it the resources, time and space to grow could have a profound impact on the creative life of Medway, inspiring and supporting the next generation of authors, poets and playwrights."

"I was only able to attend a couple of events but I really enjoyed it. Well done!"

"Glad it all went well and sorry I couldn’t make it. You and Sam have created something truly wonderful for Medway. The breadth of different events really was something for everyone and you pulled off some amazing coups with the quality of acts you persuaded to come to Medway River Lit. I look forward to this event growing into a nationally important literature festival.

Congratulations, Rob Flood"

"Congratulations to both of you and to Anne-Marie Jordan and Rachel and everyone else who made Medway River Lit really magical. And everything Rob said. This is the start of something that will put Medway on the literary map for more than its connection to Dickens. Who should we write to to make sure possible future funders know just what you achieved? Sarah Hehir"

Kent Daydreams hosts Nat and Sean perform a song
Kent Daydreams - open mic for young people

"Congratulations Barry and Sam for the first truly region wide Literary festival for Medway. You should be proud of yourselves. Bill Lewis"

"It was a terrific week!! So many great events. Congratulations"

"Excellent. May it grow in future years."

"I've been to at least 10 of the festival events! It's been tremendous, inspirational. Exhilarating. Huge congratulations to everyone involved."

25 years of hunger...

"Like a cake topped with the most delicious of cream, 25 Years of Hunger was an absolute delight for the senses tonight. Every performer was top notch, even the compere was quality.

I've entirely overdosed on books as well, though as stated by wiser folk, there are far worse vices to have. I'm looking forward to deep diving into the words of far more talented writers than I.

Huge kudos* to the organisers of the festival. Barry Fentiman-Hall and others, you lot deserve a thunderous round of applause. Us mortals are forever in your debt. Like the orphan Oliver, i beg for more of this please. Medway is palpably not the place outsiders declaim it to be."

Minimus interlude...

"I loved Minimus because I am not at all musical but I adore dials and switches and lights and pedals"

Even Bigger Trouble...

"Another brilliant night at Big Trouble as part of Medway River Lit.

Esi Yankey you were absolutely brilliant… it’s been far too long!

Thank you David Dykes and Bethany for getting such special guests.

Pauline Holmes you are a star… taking us all on an emotional journey. I laughed and cried simultaneously. Great open mic too!

Thanks again Barry Fentiman-Hall and Sam Fentiman-Hall for organising such a successful festival."

Writing from life...

"Excellent event, so much food for thought, thank you"

Panelists at the Writing from life panel
Writing from life panel, Chatham Library

Patience Agbabi and Martin Impey...

"I know I am not a child but was glad I was allowed in Martin Impey and Patience Agbabi were absolutely fantastic. I had a great afternoon. Thank you."

25 years of hunger...

"A truly marvellous time last nite at #medwayriverlit reading #poems from my collection 'edible'

@beirbuapress + 3 others


Amazing poets & audience"

Steampunk events...

"Loved the Steampunks of Great Kentspectations at Medway River Lit @Wrdsmithery

Such lovely people. I felt rather underdressed in their company. Then much thwacking and melodrama from Gerald Dickens in his one-man performance of Nicholas Nickleby."

In general...

"Really wonderful and inspiring evening. I found the Medway River Lit incredibly uplifting and really good for meeting friends and making new ones."

"Wonderful to have such a diverse festival, and hear new writers to me coming through."

"I hope this festival is on every year, as it's so important for Medway to celebrate the creativity of its community and make a mark nationally."

Renegades and The Lion Queen...

"Check out the rest of the weeks events. We had an absolutely fantastic evening at GlassBox Theatre watching the inspirational ‘Renegades’ followed by ‘The Lion Queen’ written and performed by Pauline Holmes and cast!!!

Medway River Lit has propelled us into summer with a warm feeling inside and Neil & I have enjoyed it so much. Thank you to absolutely everyone involved and Sam Fentiman-Hall and Barry Fentiman-Hall for all their hard work creating this amazing week to celebrate the incredible people and creativity in Medway."

Billy Childish performs a song.
Billy Childish performing at '25 years of hunger'

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