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Engagement events:

In the run-up to the festival we are running 35 plus hours of engagement activities for all ages and various audiences. This includes reading groups, family writing groups, a manga creating workshop for young people, and crafting activities. Several additional engagement projects are currently in development.


Associate and Linked events:

We will be representing Medway River Lit at a number of pop-up performances and talks. And our writers will be attending a number of Associate and Linked events in advance of the festival: for example, Poetry Stage at Medway Light Nights, Ostara Poetry at Intra Spring, the Rainham Poetry Festival, and the Fort Amherst Family Fantasy Festival. 



In advance and just after the festival we will also be running a series of ‘Bookends Events’; events that didn’t quite fit into the main festival, due to scheduling issues, or were already organised through Medway Libraries and joined the schedule outside of 2-11 June.


Main Festival programme: 


Once the main programme is launched, you will be able to find it here. 

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